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"Правдоподібні історії Ніла Ґеймана" S01E03 Closing Time sub judul

Правдоподібні історії Ніла Ґеймана Closing Time (S01E03)
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Pemeran: Johnny Vegas, Montserrat Lombard, Monica Dolan, Paul Ritter, Johann Myers, Kirk Lake, Simon Manyonda, Joey Price, Sonnyboy Skelton, Richard Syms, Noah Yeneralski, Toby Yeneralski
Disutradarai oleh: Iain Forsyth, Jane Pollard
Peringkat: 7 / 10 (52 52 vote)
In the Diogenes Club writer Danny is sceptical of ghost stories told by other members and barmaid Elena but contributes a spooky tale of his own when, as a boy, he met a gang of youths who took him to a sinister house in the woods . They dared him to go in and he refused but then something very weird happened, Nobody else believes him except an elderly man who seems to have known the boys that Danny met and can vouch for his story.
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